We help individuals and families develop an inspiring vision of their financial future and a realistic strategy to achieve it.

Clients come to us with different types of financial complexity. A career change, divorce, or starting a business may have opened up new possibilities and complications. In addition to investment accounts, they may own real estate or have complicated compensation plans. Some clients are retired, others still working. They live across the U.S., sometimes abroad, and have accumulated their resources in different ways.

They come to us with different concerns:

We need a game plan for our investments.
I want to know what I'm working towards.
We’re addressing our finances, but it’s a scattershot approach and different components are being neglected.

Three obstacles tend to stand in their way: lack of time, lack of interest, or lack of expertise.

We enjoy removing these obstacles and helping clients chart and implement the course they wish to take with their lives. We believe this requires time, attention and an intimate working relationship, which is why we’ve limited our client engagements to a comparatively small number of families and individuals with whom we feel well aligned.

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Key Investment Beliefs

  • Your goals determine the portfolio structure.
  • Global diversification helps manage risk.
  • Minimize investment costs, tax exposure, and portfolio turnover.
  • Long-term intentions need to survive short-term temptations.

Planning Philosophy

  • There’s usually more than one way to get what you want.
  • Your plans will change as your life evolves.
  • Expect surprises.
  • The hardest part of a plan is implementing it.

We begin our advisory relationship with a series of meetings to familiarize ourselves with your finances and get to know what you hope to accomplish. What are your preferences and priorities? How do you see the world?

We examine cash flow, taxes, and other issues that affect the success of the investment strategy as much or more as global economic forces.

Once we’ve developed your plan, we’re able to implement your investment strategy. We’ll spend the next few months addressing other issues that need attention -- insurance gaps, estate-planning, and compensation details, for example.

As we like to tell clients, “When you walk out the door, life takes over and your finances continue to evolve.” For this reason, we’ll be in frequent contact with you throughout the year and will reach out to you in the spring and fall to schedule our formal meetings.

When we’ve done our job, clients should no longer have a nagging sense that they’re neglecting something.

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They'll have a clear plan to achieve their goals, support for reaching them, and if something unexpected happens, they'll have someone they know and trust to whom they can turn.


We work only for you.

As an SEC-registered investment advisory firm, we are fiduciaries, legally and ethically obligated to put your interests before our own. See our Form ADV.

Since we have no products to sell and no hidden fees, we're free to consider the universe of investment products and financial strategies to recommend for you.

I started the firm with the goal of teaching people how to plan and invest. But our clients wanted more than information, they wanted the time and freedom to focus on their own interests.
- Milo Benningfield

Clients often walk into our office, exhale, and remark on how calm it is. It helps that we're located in The Presidio of San Francisco, a national park. It also helps that we limit the number of clients we serve, so have time and space to reflect on the details of your situation.

We are a fee-only firm that acts as a fiduciary, so do not accept commissions, referral fees or any other type of third-party payments that could bias our advice.

At the beginning of a new relationship, we charge a one-time fee of $7,500 to cover the financial-planning and other work required to learn about your finances, get to know you, and transition your investment accounts to our management.

Afterwards, we charge clients an annual fee based on the amount of investments that we manage for them. It’s an all-inclusive fee that covers all the ongoing planning advice and service that we provide.


Benningfield Financial Advisors, LLC
1016 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 107
San Francisco, CA 94129


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